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Do we just have to find someone who has the same sex drive as us?

By the way, I've heard that libido/sex drive is all in the brain.

, based in Boulder, Colorado, gives a whole new meaning to killing two birds with one stone.

The company’s slogan is “Doing good never felt better,” and for every condom you buy, Sir Richard’s donates one condom to countries in need.

Anwen defines herself as a romantic asexual and says she would be open to a romantic relationship with a man or a woman.

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Asking a woman interviewee questions that are not asked of a man, or posing questions which appear on the surface to be discriminatory does not of itself automatically amount to unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex.This month, Sir Richard’s also sent rape prevention kits to women in Haitian refugee camps through its partnership with Urban Zen Foundation, an organization committed to promoting well-being.Sir Richard’s condoms use recyclable packaging and include a warning against flushing condoms down the toilet, as it is detrimental to the environment.Some scientists put a stimulator on that area of the brain of a woman who had a sex drive, and she instantly had a very high libido (she didn't like the sudden change so she had them take it off though). but I'm not personally interested in messing around with my brain. I'm sick of the social interaction involved in it, and all the details like contraception, etc.I'm sick of wondering when I'm going to get laid next. I want to focus on the rest of life without that distraction. You're right - they might have developed some good techniques.

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