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Armed only with Kalashnikovs, she and her crew managed to drive ISIS from her Iraqi village.

A Yazidi woman who was held prisoner by Isis for nearly three years has returned to her hometown to "take revenge" on the militants.

Heiza Shankal was kidnapped along with thousands of other Yazidi women and children when Isis swept across Iraq in a brutal campaign in August 2014.

Of those, 3,100 were murdered, often in brutal ways such as beheading or being burned alive.But her bloodlust stems from the slaughter of her two husbands, father and three brothers at the hands of ISIS thugs.Now she leads a brigade of 70 militia, exacting revenge on any extremists that cross her path.The authors ask a range of questions regarding women's rights and compare men's and women's attitudes on these questions.Although attitudes toward women's rights differed on some points between Iraqi men and women, they were similar on many others.

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