Aol users updating com

A few of you may have noticed that the last digit of the year changed recently, which means it’s time to forget about the bad old days of 2010, make New Year’s resolutions, and cross fingers for a better future.

Some of you may already have fallen by the wayside in your pledge to no longer eat chocolate, or give up cigarettes, but here’s one thing I urge you to show greater will-power over: stop believing everything you read in email.

Take this current phishing campaign aimed at AOL users, for instance.

It reads, in part, as follows: Our records indicate that your account hasn't been updated as a part of our regular account maintenance.

(Those free CDs, we presume, are not coming back.) Customers have 30 days to choose one of three options before they lose access to their accounts: Head over to AOL, transfer their email to another provider or leave their accounts alone to be deleted.

Verizon has, since last week, been notifying customers that it is giving up control of 4.5 million customer email accounts and will be migrating those accounts to AOL — a move that may give some flashbacks to the 1990s.

They don’t, but many will need to plug in new e-mail settings to keep their Verizon addresses.

Verizon’s notice is reasonably clear about outlining the two options: have your mail moved to AOL and keep your address or “try another provider” and lose the address.

For those who aren't interested in moving to AOL, things get a little more complicated.AOL’s mail syncs across devices and isn’t helpless in the face of spam.And making this switch will bring an unadvertised benefit Verizon spokesman Raymond Mc Conville noted in an e-mail: You’ll be able to keep that Verizon address even if you move to a different Internet provider, because “the email is technically no longer tied to their broadband service.”But you will have to plug in new server settings in any mail programs you use on a computer, phone or tablet, as this AOL help file explains.Our new SSL servers check each account for activity and your information has been randomly chosen for verification.AOL Member Services strives to serve their customers with better and secure banking service.

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