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With a little help from each other and some unexpected allies, they are about to wise up Twenty-eight-year-old assistant editor Jane Gregg copes with the dating scene as she endures two months of bridesmaid hell for her younger cousin's wedding and dodges being fixed up with Grammy's next-door neighbor by lying that she already has a boyfriend.

In the meantime, she dates like crazy to find one suitable guy to bring to the wedding (and to love)When Abby Foote's former boyfriend is found murdered on the day his engagement is announced, two other former boyfriends report attempts were made on their lives after breaking up with Abby. Is the half sister that Rebecca Strand has never met short, tall, rich, poor, pretty, funny, married, lonely, happy? The New York City paralegal thought nothing could shake her life off its fast track -- which includes her handsome lawyer boyfriend and their extravagant condo.

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Despite this warning, Hanshirō insists that he has never heard of Motome and says that he has no intention of leaving the Ii palace alive.

Amit lényeges tudni rólam, hogy nagy Bleach és yaoi fan vagyok Elsősorban a mangát preferálom, de az animét és a moviekat is szeretem. életévemet, tehát ezentúl vissza kell fognom magam az írás terén, mert már büntethető leszek :) De azért igyekszem nem meghazudtolni magam, és akik ismernek, azok tudják hogy mindig jár valami Grimm Ichi a fejemben.

Az más kérdés hogy lusta vagyok kiadni magamból" Nagyon szeretek írni, mert hát ugye főleg ezért regisztráltam, de olvasni is ugyanennyire imádok. Kisu Ichi ~ Urahara x Ichigo Túlságosan édesek együtt! Ren Bya ~ Semmi bajom a Bya Ren-el, de az nekem túl OOC...4.

Muraki Watari ~ Két doktor vizsgálgatja egymást, hhmm... Unable to deal with his emotions, he indulges in the pleasures of the flesh with random strangers while Zoro, his childhood best friend, is left aside to watch.

A ficeim a következő helyeken is megtaláljátok: Ide szoktak a leghamarabb felkerülni, érdemes figyelni Ide több ficem kerül fel. They share the dream of bringing their metal band to a professional level, but their hearts and minds will make it ever so hard.

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